Employment Verification Form I certify that SS --has worked at one site since //. CARES applicant Name Hire date Licensed Child Care Center staff Working directly with at least children under 5 years old. center. Has worked a minimum of 18 months at the child care center. Working a minimum of hours a week at Center Name and Address --OR Licensed Family Child Care Home Staff to be completed by Family Childcare Owner. The AB212 CARES participant to the best of my knowledge meets the Program...
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Welcome everyone I'm excited thatyou've joined us My name is Abby Cohen and I'mthe Region 9 State Systems Specialist of the Child CareState Systems Specialist Network a service of theOffice of Child Care and I'll be moderating the webinar Let me turn it over to LoriSommerfelt who is first going to walk you through sometechnology logistics Hello everyone first I wouldlike to mention that this meeting is being recorded I just wanted to mention that but since you are listening to this through your phone we will not hear your lovely voices today For today's webinar thereis no call in option The webinar is being broadcastthrough your computer speakers so hopefully everyonecan hear me right now If you have questions for thepresenters about the topics discussed please write aquestion in the Q&A pod that is in the top centerof your screen These questions willbe compiled and we will follow up after the webinar If you have general comments oran immediate need they can be entered in the chat pod at thebottom middle of your screen Unfortunately on a webinar withthis large of an audience we are unable to do muchabout troubleshooting for individual participants Please keep in mind that if youare experiencing trouble with your technology a recording of this webinar will be sent around to all who registeredafter the webinar Now I am going to pass this backto Abby so we can get started Thank you very much As you can see that is me I am going to move this forwardand start the series overview I want to welcome you to theEmergency Preparedness and Response Plan Series This series represents thework of many states across the country and theassistance of many people to get this to us today There are six webinars that formthe series and will help states develop an emergencypreparedness plan as framed by OCC's framework The series was developed inrecognition of and with sensitivity to the complexity ofthe topic acknowledging not only the multiple systems andstakeholders that have to be considered but also the emotional response that this topic triggers with people This particular webinar is oncoordination with key partners and emergencymanagement agencies Our speakers will includefederal government and state officials as well as nationalexperts and we've designed it so that states can choosesessions depending on their interests and needs States that have emergencypreparedness as a TA goal are strongly encouragedto participate in all of the sessions Participants will be asked toparticipate via the chat polling and question andanswer box and the webinar and resources will be archived I want to say that futurewebinars will be much more interactive but it wasnecessary for us to make this one a little bit less soso we could get some basic information somefoundational pieces out and we don't have that much time Please be aware that technicalassistance is available You can get that technicalassistance through the State Systems Specialist...